ShootingUnderwater Moisture Absorber 30 Pk & Buoyancy Float Strap

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ShootingUnderwater moisture absorbing anti-fogging gel packets and water damage control packet for underwater cameras, phones, and accessories with 4x6 large resealable ziplock bag and 15 moisture absorbers. This is great for all underwater camera casings and anyone who uses their phones and cameras in wet areas and areas with excessive moisture.

Contains 30 1-gram pouches designed to maximize the moisture absorption during a dive, transport, storage, and emergency damage control.
Packaged in an oversize resealable anti-static and moisture barrier ziplock pouch, which also acts as a damage control ziplock pouch in case gear is accidentally flooded.


- Keep your camera and all electronics dry during storage.
- Keep your underwater housing and lenses from fogging up during your dives.
- Prevents fogging, mildew, and corrosion in travel cases, dry boxes, and camera housings.
- Reduce smell and prevent odor-causing bacteria
- Absorb moisture from wet gear, including flooded cameras, phones, and other electronics

Moisture Absorption and Defogging Tips
One packet will be enough for a compact camera, one or two for DSLR and larger video housing. Use more depending on how often the housing or container is opened and the level of humidity in the storage area.
Make sure your housing is free of any droplets of water, sweat, or anything else that can cause fogging.
Place the small moisture packets around areas that have spaces in your housing. Do not "squeeze" or force the moisture packets in tight areas or areas where there are buttons and gears.
Follow the standard procedures of putting your gear in your housing.
Replace after a day of diving and air travel as moisture are likely to build up, replace in between long term storage.

Emergency Water Damage Control
If you accidentally flood or get water on your phone, camera, or any other electronic equipment, following the procedure below will minimize the damage and possibly save your equipment.
Tip: In case you accidentally get water on or flooded your phone or camera, do not turn it back on right away. Turning on the electronic while it is still wet may cause additional damage your gear.
-Remove your memory card, sim card, and battery.
-Wipe off excessive water, dry it out with a blow dryer (no heat!) or air compressor, and place everything it in the ziplock bag with all of your available moisture absorbers.
-Wait till it is completely dry before you attempt to turn on to avoid short circuiting the phone or camera.
-If the flooded gear does not fit in the 4x6 bag, prepare a larger zip lock bag for your trip.

Never lose your gear! Attach this float strap to your underwater cameras so they float to the surface to be retreived if lost underwater or in the surfs.

  • Can be worn on your wrist or clipped securely
  • Bright yellow for high visibility, even in rough and low visibility conditions
  • Made of buoyant and durable 9mm neoprene
  • Dimensions: 8" x 4" x 0.4" (20 cm x 10 cm x 0.9 cm)

Additional Info

Additional Info

Manufacturer SKU SU-MOIST30+FLSTP
Brand ShootingUnderwater
Warranty Covered by Manufacturer's Standard Warranty


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