Ikelite Blue Water UR/Pro Color Correction Filter WP80 6441.45

Blue Water UR/Pro Color Correction Filter
SKU: IKE-6441.45
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Color Correcting Filters for still and video housings

Ikelite Color Correcting Filters press fit to the outside of Ikelite lens ports offering easy attachment and removal underwater. Filters are available in a variety of sizes to fit most Ikelite ports and wide angle lenses. External color filters are not available to fit Ikelite SLR-DC Lens Ports.

Removable External UR/Pro Filter
For tropical blue water settings. Enhances warm reds and oranges with available sunlight up to 80 ft. (24m). Included with all Digital Video and Compact Video housings.
6441.31 Port Diameter 2.2 in. (55mm)* .... $60
6441.32 Port Diameter 2.2 in. (55mm) .... $60
6441.41 Port Diameter 3.0 in. (76mm) .... $70
6441.42 Port Diameter 3.6 in. (91mm) .... $70
6441.46 Port Diameter 3.9 in. (99mm) .... $80
6441.43 Port Diameter 4.2 in. (106mm) .... $70
6441.45 WP80 Wide Angle Port .... $100
* Shorter length for Compact Video housings and select ULTRAcompact housings.

Removable External Green Water Filter
For green water settings. Enhances contrast and improves the color of green water to give your subject a rich, natural tone. Effective with available sunlight up to 80 ft. (24m).
6441.71 Port Diameter 2.2 in. (55mm)* .... $60
6441.72 Port Diameter 2.2 in. (55mm) .... $60
6441.81 Port Diameter 3.0 in. (76mm) .... $70
6441.82 Port Diameter 3.6 in. (91mm) .... $70
6441.86 Port Diameter 3.9 in. (99mm) .... $80
6441.83 Port Diameter 4.2 in. (106mm) .... $70
6441.85 WP80 Wide Angle Port .... $100
* Shorter length for Compact Video housings and select ULTRAcompact housings.
Use 3.0" (76mm) Color Filters for:
- INON UWL-105 AD wide angle lens

Use 3.6" (91mm) Color Filters for:
- Ikelite W-20 wide angle lens
- Epoque DCL-20 wide angle lens
- INON UWL-100 wide angle lens

Lenses not supported:
- INON UWL-100 28AD wide angle lens
- INON UFL-165AD wide angle lens

Ikelite Without Filter Ikelite With Filter
The above photos were taken at a depth of 40 ft. (12m) in sunny conditions. The photo on the left was taken without a Color Correcting Filter. The photo on the right was taken with a Color Correcting Filter. Both photos utilized Auto white balance.

Additional Info

Additional Info

SKU IKE-6441.45
Manufacturer SKU 6441.45
Brand Ikelite
Warranty 1-Year Warranty by Ikelite


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