Dive Buddy Affiliate Program

Receive commission easly just by telling people about our website and products. It's like having your own ShootingUnderwater online store!

It's easy! How it works:
After you sign up here, you will be able to create links to our homepage, specific categories, products, and sales items by adding your unique ID to the link.  By sharing those links with your friends you can earn a commission when the sales are completed.  Banners are available for site owners. 

Technically How it works:
The record will be kept for 30 days on the user's computer so when the customer places an order anytime within those 30 days, you will get a referral commission towards your account.

Banners are already made with your unique affiliate link after you sign up and all you have to do is just copy + paste the premade code. You can view your building commissions, rates and programs by going back to My Account > My Affiliate, or just click here!

Where can I place these links?
You can put them in places like your own personal web page, your business web page, newsletter, blogs, twitter, Facebook, forum profiles, and even your email and forum signatures. A high traffic spot with a targeted audience will get you the most sales and commission, but please be sure to follow and respect the rules of the website you are posting your affiliate links on.

How much can I get per referral?
Get 5-10% commission on all sales! Specific rates depend on the product and details are all available in your account after you sign up. Commissions can be used towards purchases on ShootingUnderwater.com and you can also opt to have us donate your balance to a non-profit charity of your choice!

Different commission structures and rules are available for publishers and scuba retailers. Please contact us to apply and get qualified.

- Sealife DC1400 camera sale ($500 value) will earn you $35 in commissions!
- An Equinox HD10 with a set of dual Nocturnal Lights SLX 800xi ($4505 value) will earn you $285.50 in commissions.

Basically follow good business practices and common sense. We do not allow affiliates to commission themselves for their own purchases and place affiliate links in key word marketing campaigns. You cannot spam or send unsolicited emails or messages. And finally, you cannot claim that you are an employed by or that you're doing business as ShootingUnderwater.com.

ShootingUnderwater.com reserves the right to terminate or modify the affiliate program at any time. Please contact us if you have any additional questions.