Freediving - How Long Can You Hold You're Breath?

Nam Baldwin, a former scuba diving instructor to the stars can hold his breath for 7 minutes!

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After honing his incredible breath-control skills over many years as a free-diver and martial arts expert, he is now passing on the secrets to athletes including three-time world surfing champion Mick Fanning.

Mick says it's not just in the surf where smart use of breathing can help you. Learn the techniques of Breath Enhancement Training and your heart-rate is more balanced, you can reduce anxiety, but be able to deal with high levels of stress when it happens, as well as drive more energy from your body.

Mr. Baldwin runs a breath enhancement academy on the Coast, where participants learn how to breath properly and therefore stay calm under high pressure.

Whether it’s a big-wave wipeout, a gut-busting football game or a marathon tennis match (his clients have included Pat Rafter), he says he can help sportspeople take the stress in their stride.

“It’s about remaining calm under high stress, when the fight or flight response kicks in,” Mr. Baldwin said.

“We teach them how to breathe properly and work on strengthening their breathing muscles. It’s not about how long you can hold your breath, it’s about how long you can remain composed under pressure.”

Nam Baldwin trains Locky Granger, 14, before he takes on the infamous Ship Stern Bluff on the south eastern coast of Tasmania. Picture: Luke Marsden. Source: News Corp Australia

Mr Baldwin’s techniques include spinning his surfing students underwater to simulate a wipeout, and pulling on their legropes as if they are snagged on a coral reef.

“It freaks you out a bit at first but it definitely builds your confidence and fitness,” said 14-year-old Locky Grange, an aspiring big-wave surfer who trains with Mr Baldwin at a Robina pool.

“You want to know that when you get hit by a big set (of waves), you can stay calm and focused and not drown.”

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