Clever Buoy

Digital detection system aims to save swimmers - and sharks Written by Peter Hannam Environment Editor, The Sydney Morning Herald

Designed to detect sharks in the water: The "Clever Buoy" uses sonar to detect objects over 2 meters in length.

We love knowing about various ways to save our oceans top predators and shark deterrents are part of the overall plan. You’ve heard about face recognition software, right? Well, there is a new invention called “Clever Buoy” that uses sonar devices to search for objects greater than two meters in length approaching within approximately 60 meters. It has the ability to assess movement patterns to determine the presence of a large shark.

The buoy’s sonar signal will send a satellite alert to lifeguards on the beach who in turn make the call to evacuate swimmers. If this works as well as predicted, there would be no nets and eliminate the need for aerial support over swimming area beaches.

The Clever Buoy has been test by Shark Mitigation Services at the Sydney Aquarium and could be released as early as next year. If you’d like to read the article published by Mr. Hannam, click here.




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