Cenote Cavern Diving

These underwater caves and caverns are the main dive attraction in the Yucatan Peninsula. When you are scuba diving or snorkeling the cenotes in Mexico you'll see some stunning formations of stalagmites and stalactites.

Cenote Cavern diving, unique and incredible dives in Riviera Maya Mexico




You don’t need a special certification, such as cave diving, to dive in a cenote but you do need to either follow a guide or a line, and pay attention to your air consumption.







If you are interested in diving a cavern but are also a little concerned, ask a local shop which caverns offer large swim-through areas. There are many cenotes/caverns with tight tunnels where you must dive single-file. It can often be very dark in various areas so plan to bring a good torch. Likewise, if you haven’t dived at night, you may find cenote/cavern diving uncomfortable.

Please do your research. Ask for credentials of the dive operator you choose and of the guide responsible for your safety. Always dive within your limits – don’t be afraid to call a dive if you’re not certain you’re ready for it.





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