Blues and Macos here in SoCal

There are a few dive/boat operators here in SoCal that will take a charter out for a day of blue water drifting. However, it's not common nor is it easy to get a group of like-minded friends to spend the money and time to hang out and 'wait" for something to show up. Well, a friend of mine, Walter Marti, is good at gathering friends with boats to search for anything pelagic. This time, he came back with a big win - Blue and Maco sharks! Walter captures this video with a GoPro on a stick - you don't need a big camera to capture big fun.

I thought I'd share his video here.

Hey, if you know someone with a boat - grab a bucket of chum from local fisherman and head out to the open water to see what you find! If you strike it water-rich, share - we'd love to see it too!

~ Happy Diving ~





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