About ShootingUnderwater.com

Serving Divers Photographers and Videographers
ShootingUnderwater.com offers a full line of underwater photo equipment like underwater camera and video housings, strobes, video lights, and accessories. Working with only the most reputable manufacturer in the business, we make sure our customers get the best products, support, and prices.
Our goal is to delight each and every one of our customers by:
1. We work closely with the manufacturers so we can provide the most knowledgeable support to our customers both before and after the sale.
2. We have the expertise and capability to build unique packages with our diverse line of products.
3. We look out for our customers' best interest when making product recommendations.
4. We provide after sale support and try to get customers involved in a community of underwater shooters. 
5. On top of our price guarantee, You will always get sweet deals when you shop with us.

Unlike many retailers, we actually stock a lot of the the products that we list on our website.  This allows us to maintain quality control and also allows us to process orders accurately and effectively.  Our inventory is stored throughout the US so we can ship your order from the a warehouse that's closest to you.

Our customers
Our customer base ranges from enthusiasts take pictures and videos for fun all the way to professionals shooting wildlife documentaries.  Our experts can consult you if you have any questions.  A lot of information is provided in our blogs and forums, see the resources guide tap more information.

Our partners
DiveCatalog.com is our sister site which offers a full line of scuba diving, freediving, and snorkeling equipment from the top brands. Please drop us a visit at DiveCatalog.com if you are looking for scuba gear!